Third Degree: Flirt New Adult Romance - Julie Cross

What a fascinating read.  It's like Gray's Anatomy meets college life.  I love the mix of the medical with "Izzy" trying to learn to lead a normal 19-year-old's life in college.  I was taken in by the first page, but the further the book went the more involved I was.  This isn't a simple story by far and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and following the plot.

Since Izzy doesn't get into the residency program at 19, she decides with the help of her shrink to go back and have life experiences and learn to relate to others her own age in hopes that in 6-months she can retest and get her life back on track.  Of course to begin with it's pretty much a disaster.  Izzy has hardly been around her peers during her life and has a hard time relating to normal college life.  Enter Marshall the insanely hot RA on her floor.  There is chemistry and he has a real desire to help her acclimate to college life better and have real life experiences a 19-year-old should have.

At this point you know a romance will ensue, but the way it happens I never expected.  And from that point on I was fully invested in the book and the characters.  Izzy and Marsh were great.  Both finding their way together.  The turns the book take were sometimes heartbreaking but they had purpose.  The book was very well-thought out and planned to me and I enjoyed everything about it.

Looking for a little bit of medical life in your New Adult?  Third Degree is just the book for you.  Marsh and Izzy are amazing characters who take on a life of their own.  With each other and through other things they both grow and mature during the book and the journey is exciting to watch.  The romance is hot, the growth is great and I just can't say enough about this wonderful book. Read it and enjoy!


Rating: 5.0/5.0